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Stepping Stone forests for schools are excellent educational tools that  enhance the knowledge and appreciation of nature in children.

These forests are small, dense,  native woodland habitats on the grounds of schools. Stepping Stone forests are  outdoor  classrooms. The little forests provide an opportunity for classes to spend time outside learning about nature. Children grow and mature along with the forest.  There are  a lot of reports and online materials that demonstrate the fantastic benefits for children of being exposed to forests and to learning in a natural environment. Please see below for some links.

The addition of a Stepping Stone forest to the grounds of the school can be a significant addition to the Green Schools program.

Soil preparation in Sacred Heart JS Killinarden Tallaght
Soil prepapartion in Sacred Heart JS Sep 2021
Soil preparation in St Dominic's NS Tallaght
Soil prepapartion in St Dominic'c NS Nov 2021
Soil preparation in Killinarden Community School Tallaght
Soil prep Killinarden Community School Oct 2021
Soil preparation in St Kevin's NS Kilnamanagh Tallaght
Soil prepapartion in St Kevins Boys Oct 2021
Soil preparation in Kingswood Community College Tallaght
Soil prep Kingswood Community College Oct '21
Soil preparation in Sacred HEart SNS Killinarden Tallaght
Soil prepapartion Sacred Heart SNS Oct 2021
Soil prepartion day in Old Bawn Community School November 2021
Soil prep Old Bawn Community School Nov '21
Soil preparartion day in Firhose Community College in November 2021
Soil prep Firhouse Community College Nov '21
Soil preparation in Colasite Chillian in Clondalkin
Soil prep Colaiste Chillian Clondalkin Nov '21
Soil preparation in St Mary's NS in Clondalkin
Soil prep St Mary's NS Clondalkin Nov '21
Soil preparation in Colasite Bride in Clondalkin
Soil prep Colaiste Bride Clondalkin Dec '21
Soil preparation in TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus
Soil prep TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus Dec '21

Planting Stepping Stone Forests in Schools

Interested in Planting a Stepping Stone Forest in Your School?

If you would like to plant a Stepping Stone Forest in your school please make contact using the details below.




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